Our Seminars
The Rappaport Seminar is a weekly faculty-wide research seminar, usually held during the semester on Tuesdays at 13:30. The seminars cover a wide range of topics, and are given by guest lecturers from outside the Faculty, as well as by Faculty members. Additional Special Guest Seminars are often scheduled outside this time slot.
Faculty Candidate Talks
These are talks given by invited speakers, who are applying for a Faculty position. The talks feature the best of cutting edge scientific research from bright young candidates who are nearing the completion of their post-doctoral research
Biomedical Core Facility Seminars
An important part of the BCR educational platform. We present state of the art technologies in flow cytometry, genomics, microscopy, in-vivo imaging, advanced technologies, image analysis solutions, novel compounds and practices and more.
Graduate Thesis Seminars
As our graduate students near the end of their research, they present their finding for the interest and education of their friends and colleagues here at the Faculty of Medicine.
Departmental Seminars
The Molecular Regulation Club
This twice-monthly club is a meeting place for labs with an interest in signal transduction and molecular regulatory mechanisms. At each meeting, a student from one of the labs presents a summary of their research. The club provides an opportunity for students to learn from each other, while obtaining friendly and constructive feedback on their research.
Immunology Club
A weekly journal club, for faculty members and students interested in Immunology. Each week a student presents a recent journal paper of outstanding interest. We also occasionally hosts outstanding guest speakers and final thesis talks of students majoring in Immunology.
Endocrine Seminar
This series hosts a variety of guest speakers who present recent advances in the field of endocrinology
Developmental Club
A monthly seminar series dedicated to current research advances in developmental biology. Lectures are given by local investigators and invited speakers from the Israeli developmental community.
Clinical Research Seminars
A wide variety of guest speakers present their recent advances in clinical biomedical research.
Neuroscience Seminar
A research seminar intended for all those who are interested in Neuroscience and brain research. Talks are presented by speakers from the Faculty of Medicine and elsewhere.
Cancer Biology
This seminar series will host excellent talks regarding cutting edge research in cancer biology, ranging from basic science to integrative topics in translational and clinical research.
Seminars for Graduate Students
Things You Should Know
An introductory lecture series for graduate students. An introduction to the questions, methods and research techniques used across the major fields of Biomedical Sciences, here at the Faculty of Medicine.
Advancing Women in Science
This series presents the unique achievements and perspectives of outstanding women scientists, for the advancement of the next generation of women scientists.
For Academic Faculty Only
Moetzet Faculta
A once-monthly administrative meeting of our academic faculty members, hosted by the dean.
Preclinical Forum
A once-monthly meeting of our pre-clinical faculty members to promoting the exchange of scientific ideas and administrative ideas for improving the Faculty of Medicine research environment